Motion Amplification Camera RDI


Why is it important?


Visualization is the key to determining faults in machinery, infrastructure, and human performance. Sometimes just being able to see what is happening can change your perspective completely and allow for a more targeted and cost effective approach to fault analysis. There are tools to magnify an image or to offer point measurements on a machine, but no real way to see what is happening live and cover the whole asset until now. IRIS M (RDI) offers the first non-invasive, simple, and cost effective way to visualize what is happening beyond what you can see with your eye.


 How does it work?


The first Iris M powered by  Motion Amplification is a revolutionary video-processing product and software package that measures subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible to the naked eye. Every pixel becomes a sensor creating millions of data points in an instant. The camera is pointed at an asset to take video data and then data is assessed to amplify the true motion of the entire field of view. A box is drawn anywhere in the image to measure the displacement with a time waveform and frequency spectrum. You can now see the big picture without adding costly sensors or spending days modelling the asset.


How can OCE help?


OCE can help to take the guess work out. Using the latest motion amplification technology, we are able to visualize machine faults in real time.


 What are the benefits of using OCE Motion Amplification Service?


  • Completely non-contact solution
  • Acquire data during normal operations
  • Provides instant results
  • Quick and effective alternative to traditional ODS
  • Great troubleshooting tool
  • Returns a Time Waveform and Frequency Spectrum anywhere in the image
  • Effective communication tool between technical and non-technical resources
  • A good tol to identify poor structural design, poor machine base design and resonance problem