Case study 2

The Challenge

A client’s 2 blowers were under performing, not able to deliver the expected output pressure, could only run at 50% speed. When the speed was over 50% it resulted to loose hold-down bolts.

The Methodology

Modal and stress analysis were carried out to identify:

  • Design errors
  • Excessive vibrations overstressing pipe flanges and hold-down bolts
  • Deformation patterns of the base structure
  • The root cause of the underperformance, output pressure was reduced to 50%
  • Increased safety risks

The Outcome

After implementing all the corrective actions recommended, there was the following outcomes:

  • Re-designed and optimised blowers
  • Vibration was brought to an acceptable level
  • Increased Blowers performance to optimum level and could run at 100% speed
  • Increased revenue by 25%
  • Decreased safety risks
  • Increased reliability of asset from 72% to 97%
  • Increased revenue by 18% 25% 25%
  • Increased reliability of asset from 72% to 97% 97% 97%