Machinery Lubrication I

Gain essential understanding for maintenance, lubricant selection and filtration

Machinery Lubrication I (ML I) provides the essential concepts behind best lubrication practices and machine maintenance. Through ML I, students can move away from the “old school” methods of vague, non-specific lubrication procedures and understand what to do and why there is a right way to do it.

Individuals who take this course get much more than pointers on lubricating a machine – they learn the crucial relationships between lubricant health and machine reliability so they can perform maintenance tasks, knowing their impact. 

What’s more, ML I students gain a better understanding of oil analysis and lubricant problems, so they can scout out potential failures, work toward more efficient machine performance and provide better defense against downtime. they will complete the course understanding how even simple tasks or inspections done right can significantly extend machine life and cut costs. 

Course Topics:

  • How lubrication affects machine reliability
  • Lubrication fundamentals
  • Additives, base oils and grease thickeners
  • Lubricant performance properties 
  • Additive functions
  • Food-grade and environmentally friendly lubricants
  • Grease and oil lubrication methods
  • Lubricants & fluids for journal/rolling-element bearings, gears, automotive, compressors, steam/gas turbines, hydraulics
  • Contamination control
  • Oil drains, flushing and reservoir management
  • Storing/handling lubricants

Take this course if you are responsible for:

  • Lubrication procurement
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Ensuring equipment readiness and uptime
  • Efficiency intiatives/design
  • Procedure/quality-control implementation
  • Identifying cost-saving methods
  • Operations planning
  • Equipment reliability