Machinery Lubrication II

Managing your lubrication program with expert selection, storage design and contamination control

Machinery Lubrication II (ML II) explores lubricant properties, system design and troubleshooting lubricant failure. Building on ML I, ML II brings students to a level where they can apply their understanding of lubrication to selecting the right base oils, greases, additives and equipment for their facility. 

Where ML I introduces students to causes of machine wear and lubricant damage, ML II prompts them to analyze machines for wear symptoms and select lubricants and additives to counteract or prevent damage. 

By the time they complete the course, ML II students will be able to distinguish the appropriate lubricants and additives for every application in their workplace, guide in conducting basic maintenance and analyze machine/fluid indicators for potential problems. They will leave this class with concrete action items for improving their plant’s lubrication and good strategies for getting staff behind them. 

Course Topics:

  • Lubrication preventive maintenance optimization and design
  • Troubleshooting lubrication problems
  • Lubrication and oil analysis metrics
  • Oil drains, flushing and reservoir management
  • Accessorizing new equipment for lubrication excellence
  • Lubricating grease and oil application
  • Advanced lubrication techniques
  • Base Oils
  • Viscosity and viscosity index
  • Oxidation and thermal stability
  • Air release and foam control
  • Lubricant degradation
  • Lubricant selection and consolidation

Take this course if you are responsible for:

  • Lubrication procurement
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Systems operation/management
  • Checking meters/recording instrument
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Controlling lubricant contamination
  • Troubleshooting equipment design/process/material
  • Equipment reliability 
  • Production management
  • Procedure/quality-control implementation
  • Identifying cost-saving methods