Oil Analysis II

Explore the finer aspects of contamination control and comprehensive oil analysis

Oil Analysis II (OA II) approaches lubrication excellence through the critical information to be gleaned from oil analysis. An OA II student begins the course understanding the basic analysis procedures from ML I, and learns how to combine and apply these for more advanced strategies in conducting impactful predictive maintenance. 

Rather than rely solely on an oil analysis lab report, OA II students will be a proactive line of defense against failures, factoring lab findings into their own onsite analyses for more precise, timely maintenance. They will graduate from taking samples to analyzing differentiating types of wear particles to determine the source and urgency of a problem. They’ll select ideal test slates for different lubricants, set alarms and limits on machines or meters and conduct field tests for fluid properties and contamination. 

The OA II student will also be adept in analyzing lubrication systems for optimal efficiency and savings, ensuring that machine/fluid health, lubrication procedures and objectives reflect the ideal for the plant, its personnel and the bottom line. 

Course Topics:

  • Lubrication health monitoring
  • Oil analysis fundamentals
  • Oil sampling – the very best practices
  • Fluid properties analysis
  • Contamination control and proactive maintenance
  • Fault detection and wear particle analysis
  • Instrument-free onsite tests
  • Interactive case studies workshop
  • Test results and oil analysis report interpretation

Take this course if you are responsible for:

  • Resource management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Systems operation/management
  • Systems operation/management
  • Lubricant health and cleanliness targets
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Diagnostics and equipment troubleshooting
  • Efficiency initiatives/design
  • Quality-control implementation
  • Operations planning
  • Sensor selections/installation
  • Lubrocation program effectiveness
  • Choosing test slates