Oil Analysis III

Master advanced analysis techniques to provide expert diagnostic and predictive maintenance

Oil Analysis III (OA III) is Noria’s most advanced training available – providing reliability leaders the tools to develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive analysis program. OA III students exhibit the highest level of expertise as they create new systems and/or assess system progress within any industrial workplace. 

Converging both the machine lubrication and oil analysis focuses of its prerequisites, OA III trains students to diagnose problems like contamination, corrosion and additive depletion – even with limited test results or difficult machines. Students will compare detection and cost benefits/drawbacks for any type of lab test to select the most precise option for their needs. They will be able to gather extensive data on a lubrication program, make informed decisions and maintain the program as a major company asset. OA III students also gain strategies for applying their data and analysis to building string proposals for improvement projects. They’ll learn how to calculate accurate return on investment predictions, use case studies and organize hard and soft data in their proposal. 

Course Topics:

  • Understanding and analyzing machine wear
  • Integration oil analysis with vibration analysis
  • Fluid properties analysis
  • Additive depletion
  • Contamination analysis
  • Grease analysis
  • Onsite oil analysis options
  • Designing an oil analysis program
  • Cost/benefit analysis

Take this course if you are responsible for:

  • Systems operation/management
  • Operations
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Testing samples and interpreting results
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting equipment design/process/material
  • Efficient utilization design
  • Procesure/quality-control implementation
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Quality-control analysis